Fascial Fitness


•  promote elasticity • train speed strength •
• increase mobility • prevent injuries •


Whether health or sports goals – Fascial Fitness improves your elasticity, strength, mobility and helps you prevent injuries or leads the way to finally deal with health issues head on. For professional athletes or those who just want to be fit – Fascial Fitness is for everyone who want to improve performance and abilities while having fun.



is the development of a systematic fascial training that does not stem from intuitive conviction, but from active exchange with leading international fascial researchers, including Prof. Michael Kjaer, Prof. Thomas Findley, Prof. Carla Stecco, and Prof. Andry Vleeming.

The strong commitment to scientific research is one of the features that sets the Fascial Fitness Association (FFA) apart from numerous other fascial training methods. This is further emphasized by the fact that we support scientific fundamental research through regular contributions from a fixed percentage of our course fees.



The proximity to fascia research – 
more than lip service but essential drive 



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Share the fascinating world of fascia with your students and clients:
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Perfect for all fascia enthusiasts  and additionally for trainers
with the possibility of Practitioner Certification

These topic-centered workshops expand the content of their respective specialty areas by the component of fascia trainig. The theoretical content offers a wide range of suggestions and inspirations. The practical exercises can be implemented directly – either for oneself or professionally e.g. in a physical or movement therapy practice, in a fitness program, or in other training formats.