Welcome to Fascial Fitness

Only a few years ago still completely unknown,
then it became a fashionable trend within a short period of time
and is now being copied frequently: fascia training.



Already in 2009, the fascal pioneers – Tom Myers, Robert Schleip, Divo Müller and Wilbur Kelsick – recognized the immense significance of the latest international research discoveries for the “human in motion” and ellaborated in lively exchange on the intriguing question and investigation on how the fascia could be directly and very specifically targeted in training.



  • sustainable development of a resilient and supple, yet flexible connective tissue
  • establishing successfully a training program to actively increase the resilience of muscular connective tissue
  • raise public awareness of the importance of a fascia training
  • fascia training as a serious component in the well-known training trinity (strength – endurance –coordination) in sports



Thanks to an active media interest, this project seems to be successful. The four components of “Fascial Fitness” and the basic exercises developed by a core team of sports scientists and body therapists are now largely implemented in the professional athletic training, mass sport and somatic movements such as yoga and pilates.



The proximity to fascia research – more than lip service but essential drive

Our proximity to 
fascia research is – not a mere
 declaration, but an important driving force.
 What makes the ‘Fascial Fitness’ training approach 
unique is the development of a systematic fascial training that does not stem from intuitive conviction, but from active exchange with leading international fascial researchers, including Prof. Michael Kjaer, Prof. Thomas Findley, Prof. Carla Stecco, and Prof. Andry Vleeming.

The strong commitment to scientific research is one of the features that sets the Fascial Fitness Association (FFA) apart from numerous other fascial training methods. This is further emphasized by the fact that we support scientific fundamental research through regular contributions from a fixed percentage of our course fees.


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