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and into our network, which is expanding from our core group of international fascial researchers, sport scientists and well known movement therapists into a worldwide connection.

As passionate ‚Fascinados’ we’ll invite you to actively take part into that network and learn about ‚fascinating fascia’ to incorporate this information sucessfully into your own professional field.

You can look forward to an inspiring combination of theoretical scientific findings and their practical application, which will probably play a significant role in sports, rehab and health oriented movement programs.

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BRANDNEW – the optimal music for FASCIAL FITNESS!

According to the four training-principles rebound elasticity, fascial stretch, fascial release and sensory refinement all the tracks are created in one flow. A perfect mix of gentle and dynamic rhythms for elastic springs and fluent tracks for the fascial stretch und fascial release. Spheric sounds complete the experience – this part is ideal for relaxation und for the training principle “sensory refinement”.

This CD is suitable for Fascial Fitness, Fascial Toning and the Fascial Circuit. Also it is great for a happy-springing session of „Fascial Dance”. Healthy fascia granted!

Available in our Fascial Fitness online shop.

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