Advanced Trainer Course


The Advanced Trainer Course is open for certified Fascial Fitness Trainers who want to deepen their knowledge and play an active role in the Fascial Fitness Network.

On four days, there will be advanced, exciting theoretical and practical content on the program. In interactive lectures, the four aspects of Fascial Fitness (FF) (elastic rebound, fascial stretching, fascial release, sensory refinement) are brought to the current scientific level. In accordance with these discoveries, the practical application is then implemented in individual exercises and Master Classes.

The additional focus is on the application of Fascial Fitness in different in other areas of interest, such as yoga, strength training, connective tissue tightening or rehabilitation.

This there will be three Fascial Fitness Master Classes, each with a different focus:

  1. Basics & Athletics
  2. Yoga & Stretching
  3. Lumbar Fascia & Back Strength

In addition, we provide the theory and practice of a successful implementation concept of Fascial Fitness: the “Fascial Circuit”.

As certified FF Advanced Trainer, you can accompany soon-to-be Fascial Fitness Trainer on their way to certification as a ‘tutor’. We prepare you for this task in the Advanced Training under supervision. In addition, you are entitled to offer Special Interest Workshops. These topic-specific 1-day workshops provide the opportunity to add in an additional way of training for your clients.



  • Latest News from Fascia Research related to sports, movement and health
  • Fascia Training: Myths, facts und new questions
  • Current findings and their relevance regarding the 4 Fascial Fitness training principles: Rebound Elasticity, Fascial Stretch, Fascial Release and Sensory Refinement
  • Re-modelling of collagen and the importance of the fluid ground substance for healthy fascia
  • Exemplary Master Classes: FF & Basic Athletic, FF & Stretching, FF & Lumbar Fascia & Back Health
  • The concept ‚Fascial Circuit‘ in theory and practice
  • Diagnostics and Tests: Hyper- und Hypomobility, healthy tonus
  • Specific exercise strategies for hyper- and hypomobile participants
  • Preparation and execution of Tutorings in mini-groups
  • Introduction into the concept of Special Interest Workshops
  • Fascial Fitness Network: Privileges as an FF Advanced Trainer, Memebership and international organisation
  • Support in communication with Media and PR
  • Ressources for academic and professional communication as well as tips for networking activities



Thursday   11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Friday        09.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday    09.00 am – 6.00 pm
Sunday      09.00 am – 4.00 pm

Lunch break: each day 1,5 h



  • Certification as Fascial Fitness Trainer
  • Completion of Advanced Trainer Course
  • Re-audit of Introduction or Trainer Course
  • Submission of 4 video clips to our office
  • After completion of the Advanced Trainer Course: Participation in at least 2 different “Special Interest Workshops”
  • Application for certification via our website (processing fee € 60)



To maintain certification an update is necessary every two years. There are three options for this:

  • Designated Re-Certification Course
  • Retake of an Intro or Trainer Course with Daniela Meinl or Divo Müller
  • Online Course (COMING SOON!)

The application for re-certification can be submitted through our website:




The appropriate dates and locations for all courses can be found on this website under “Course Schedule”. 


All courses are organized by the respective course instructor. On the course site, you will find a link taking you to the website of the organizer. There you will find all the details regarding the course – registration can only be done at the website of the organizer.

Attention: the Advanced Trainer Course is not offered as frequently as the Intro and Trainer course.



You will find all the details, requirements and privileges regarding all levels of our training system here. Please read these carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.